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McCallum Folk Pipes – Blackwood with Mopane

No new skills are required for Highland pipers here, just pick up these easy to play pipes and enjoy!  Fantastic for indoor play and in sessions with other musicians...or even on your own as a great way to play tunes late into the night without keeping the neighbors or the family awake!

These mouth blown smallpipes are made from African Blackwood and have the same drone configuration as the Great Highland Bagpipes.  Mopane projecting mounts, mopane drone tops, and alloy ferrules adorn these beauties.  Poly chanter and stocks.

Standard Set up includes:

  • Ezeedrone reeds
  • Cane chanter reed
  • Highland Reeds moisture control system
  • Bag cover and silk cords
  • Bannatyne zipper bag

Excellent sound and great appearance!

Made in Scotland




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