Bagpipe Harness

New and Improved

It has been designed, developed and tested to make a piper's life easier - from the amatuer player, to the experienced pro.

The harness will support the weight of a set of bagpipes and keep them firmly and comfortably in place. A clever quick release mechanism means the bagpipes can easily be detached with a quick click while the player still wears the harness. So in between playing times the harness can still be worn and the pipes then quickly re-attached when ready for playing again!

The harness has been developed with a traditional pipe band uniform in mind. The clever design means it can be worn over or under a jacket and the range of colors available means you can choose one to blend in with your uniform, or even just to personal taste.

  • Simple to fit and use.
  • Supports the weight of the pipes.
  • Suits left or right handed players.
  • Sizes for kids too.
  • Assists steady blowing.
  • Quick release after playing.
  • No more ugly patches on uniforms or bag covers.

Note:  The harness is stocked only in black but other colors can be ordered just drop me an email:

Sizing:  Small (for kids up to 12 years old), Medium (for chest size up to 38"), Large (for chest size up to 46"), Extra Large (for chest size over 46")


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