McCallum P4 Bagpipes

McCallum P4 Poly Bagpipes with Imitation Ivory and Engraved Aluminum
The Acetyl Series by McCallum Bagpipes culminates with the P4 model.  These pipes have imitation ivory projecting mounts, engraved aluminum ferrules, slides, and ring caps.  This style is mounted very much like the Blackwood AB4 models, but the Poly construction allows it to be priced lower.  The engraved aluminum alloy resists tarnish and is not plated.  These pipes are made from black acetyl plastic, which is extremely durable and easy to maintain, so they are the ideal choice for a bagpipe that may be passed on from one band member to another, or one learner to another.  They are virtually indestructible, so the worry of any cracks appearing in extreme heat or cold is removed.  McCallum's famous poly pipe chanter is standard on all sets but is available with a selction of soles.
5 engraving patterns to choose from including:  Celtic, Thistle, Zoomorphic, Victorian, Fire Department, and Police Department
Made in Scotland.
Features of McCallum P4 Poly Bagpipes:
  • 10 year no quibble guarantee!!!
  • Durable poly (acetyl) construction
  • Fully combed and beaded
  • Immitation ivory projecting mounts
  • Beaded and engraved alloy ferrules, tuning slides, and ring caps
  • Adjustable Poly blowstick
  • McCallum Poly pipe chanter
Standard Setup Includes Quality Components:
  • Bannatyne synthetic zippered pipe bag
  • Ezeedrone drone reeds
  • Deluxe velvet bag cover with zipper and silk cords
  • Pipe chanter reed
All bagpipes are professionally set up, tested, and shipped securely
The base price includes this suggested setup, but you can customize your pipes by selecting styles, sizes, colors and brands from many options. Choices may change the Customized Price of the pipes. If you'd like any help with your choices call or email Mark.




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