Bagpipe Accessories

Bagpipe maintenance items are essential for reliable performance. Here you will find hemp, wax, oils, cleaning tools, replacement valves, bag covers, cords, electronics and tuners, seasoning, pipe bags, moisture control, and hearing protection.

Bagpipe Hemp and Wax Bagpipe Hemp and Wax Blowstick Valves Blowstick Valves Blowsticks, Mouthpieces, etc... Blowsticks, Mouthpieces, etc… Cleaning Tools, Oils and such Cleaning Tools, Oils and such Covers and Cords Covers and Cords Drone Valves Drone Valves Electronics, Tuners, Metronomes Electronics, Tuners, Metronomes Hearing Protection Hearing Protection Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Moisture Control Moisture Control Seasoning Seasoning Small Pipe Accesories Small Pipe Accesories