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NEW Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds – PRE ORDER SALE

Kinnaird Bagpipes is pleased to announce Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds! Over 10 years ago, Kinnaird Carbon Fiber Drone Reeds were launched. The original reed design has been hugely successful, and played by many top level pipe bands and soloists. The Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reed is exactly as the name suggests – an evolution in design from the original reed.

All the great features of the original design are still there – the curved carbon fiber tongue, waterproof glass fiber body, poly nose cone with threaded pitch adjuster, world class air efficiency and moisture resistance. What has evolved is the sound! The Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds have a much brighter and brilliant tenor sound than the original reeds. To complement the changes to the tenor reeds, the bass reed has been re-designed to be fuller, and more robust. Together you will find that the tenors and bass blend perfectly to give you a truly cane-like experience with a minimal amount of effort.

Rob Kinnaird says “I believe Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds to be the best sounding synthetic drone reed available to bagpipers today.”

Bob Worrall said “I have been playing a full set of the new Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds and am absolutely delighted with the entire combination. In my Naill pipe they are producing a full tonal quality without being overpowering. The tenors are tuning around the hemp line, resulting in a bright and warm effect. They balance perfectly with the bass. The harmonics resulting from the entire combination are quite impressive. All three reeds are extremely air efficient, and probably require about the same amount of air as a good going set of cane reeds. They produce a depth and warmth without the undesirable buzz associated with many synthetic reeds. I am also pleased with their ease of “strike in” and how easy it is to manage an efficient cutoff at the end of a performance. The efficiency of the reeds allows for amazing tuning stability while performing. In short, I love these reeds!”

We are now accepting Pre-Orders for the Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds.

Recommended Retail price- $120.00
Pre order sale price- $110.00
Purchase 10 or more sets to get them at $100.00/set.

The Evolution Drone Reeds are available in regular and easy strength.

We will also be selling the Bass Reed individually for $40.00 each and the pair of tenors at $80.00.  You can also get replacement tongues, o-rings, rubber tubing, screws, and Allen keys as you could with the Kinnaird Carbon Fiber Drone Reeds.

You can order by phone, email, fax, or online.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.